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  • Digital Freedom Foundation Hong Kong
  • Chuknagar College Bangladesh
  • Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education Bulgaria
  • Haitian School without Borders Canada
  • Agentur J&K - Jöran und Konsorten Germany
  • University of Khartoum Sudan
  • University of Khartoum Sudan
  • Byte-Store Informatica srls Italy
  • Capilano University Canada
  • Centro Metropolitano de Estudios Argentina
  • Centro Metropolitano de Estudios Argentina
  • Virtuelle Bildung Open Wonderland (VBOWL) Germany
  • Fundus Démos Diplomatie (FDD) United States
  • OER Services Belgium
  • iEducom India
  • EcoC2S United States
  • ucc Tanzania
  • College of Energy /Environment and Sustanability United States
  • e-LEAD (The Liberty e-Institute for Academic Development ) --Other--
  • e-LEAD --Other--