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Primate WatchSafaris (Uganda)
La Metro, Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación Audiovisual (Argentina)
Notesmaster (United Kingdom)
eSchool Kerala (India)
Fundacion Etica Mundial (Colombia)
ייִדיש לעבט (Poland)
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools (United States)
Link & Link Software (Germany)
Piratenpartei Deutschland, Landesverband NRW (Germany)
Universidad Da Vinci (Mexico)
netrda (Albania)
Give Something Back International Foundation (United States)
Global Virtual Classroom (United States)
Ukraine Open University (Ukraine)
Freedomilenium (Romania)
Eagle House School (South Africa)
QWK2LRN (United States)
Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych w Rybniku (Poland)
Reciclanet Asociacion Educativa (Spain)
Fuctional Education For Pastoral Communities (Kenya) (Canada)
Babowal & Associates, Inc. (United States)
The University of the West Indies Open Campus (Barbados)
Kalleo Learning (South Africa)
LogMan Association for Education and Science (Bulgaria)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Omdurman Islamic University (Sudan)
MACOMED(Maendeleo Community Multimedia Development Group) (Kenya)
warrington school (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
OER Foundation (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
OER Foundation (Otago Polytechnic) (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (Guyana)
Albany Senior High School (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
Natural Math, LLC (United States)
OpenVES (United States)
IP Public Policy and Legal Research (Indonesia)
Universidad Virtual en Ciencias de la Salud (México) (Mexico)
Academic Answers Limited (United Kingdom)
MMV Centro Multidisciplinario de Asesoría Integral (Mexico)
VMHN - Oriented Open Courseware, O2CW (Viet Nam)
University of the People (United States)
ABBRIS Ltd. (Russian Federation)
Ligbron Academy of Technology (South Africa)
Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (Venezuela)
[email protected] (Senegal)
Université Numérique Ingénierie et Technologie (France)
International Association for Political Science Students (Slovenia)
World University Service Coordination office Asia &Pacific (India)
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