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Dimitri Athanassopoulos, Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (Greece)
Gabriel Abad Fernández, United World College of South East Asia (Singapore)
Christiane Herbst, FH-Flensburg (Germany)
Popa Dan, Univ. din Bacau - Ro/Haskell Group (Romania)
Brylie Oxley (United States)
Kevin Carson, Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anticapitalism (United States)
Cedu S. (United Kingdom)
Luis Miguel Perez Gonzalez, IES Alvaro Cunqueiro (Spain)
Ryan Lanham, Foundation for P2P Alternatives (Cayman Islands)
Mark Curcher, Dubai Men's College (United Arab Emirates)
Nicholas Doiron (United States)
Marek Milosz (Poland)
Jerzy Stanislaw Nowak, Polskie Towarzystwo Spoleczenstwa Informacyjnego (Poland)
Shahid Ahmed (India)
Fotis Bobolas, Greek Zeitgeist Movement Activist Community (Greece)
Roel Jayme (Philippines)
Shai Reshef, University of the People (United States)
Morwan Mohamed Nour, University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Helen Mongan-Rallis, University of Minnesota Duluth (United States)
Andrey Gusakov, Tomsk State University, FAMC, ISC (Russian Federation)
Vanessa Alberts, workIT (South Africa)
Dean Sheetz, Dubai Men's College (United Arab Emirates)
Deborah Cochran, Ashland University (United States)
Steven Zucker, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY (United States)
Andres Chiappe, Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia)
rahul gupta, nifft (India)
Marianicer Figueroa, Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (Venezuela)
DIOP Youssouf, FASTEF Université Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal)
Madina TOURE, Nouakchott University (Mauritania)
Yolaine Bourda, Supelec (France)
Christian Colin, École des Mines de Nantes (France)
Geneviève Puiségur-Pouchin, Education nationale (France)
Papa Youga Dieng (Senegal)
Myrfa Yumiaji (France)
Caroline Thema, University of South Africa (South Africa)
David Payá, CNU-OPSU (Venezuela)
Claudia Lopez (Peru)
Omar Garcia-Palencia, Universidad de Medellin (Colombia)
minhaaj rehman (Pakistan)
Michael Tate, WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (United States)
Anil Prasad P, Volunteer Educator at (India)
Peter Tittenberger, Learning Technologies Centre, University of Manitoba (Canada)
Aakash Desai (United States)
Eleonora Pantò, CSP (Italy)
Erica Bashaw (United States)
Richard Milewski (United States)
Bunny Lester, Fundraising consultant (United States)
Stefan Petcu (Romania)
Abdul Riyas Konkath, Govt. College Kodanchery, Kozhikode, Kerala (India)
stefi moiszi, University of Passau (Germany)
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