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Wang Long (China)
Cecilia Franco (Brazil)
Michael Adeyeye, University of Cape Town, South Africa (South Africa)
Won-Sung Sohn, Gyeong-In National Univ. of Education (Korea (South))
Samuel Tiansenga Tusevo (Zaire)
Sandy Collins (United States)
Cindy Mhalangu, Home Care (South Africa)
Tom Hooyman, Regis University (United States)
Louis Loeffler, Cardinal Stritch University (United States)
Rod Johnson, University of Michigan (United States)
Keith Tyler-Smith, Tertiary Accord of New Zealand (TANZ) (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
Sarah Whitcher Kansa, The Alexandria Archive Institute (United States)
Christine Masson (South Africa)
Jim Tittsler (New Zealand (Aotearoa))
Ernesto F. Montemayor-Varela, INSP (Mexico's National Institute of Public Health) (Mexico)
Shipra Sharma (India)
Paul Jacobson (South Africa)
Antonella Antonioni (Malaysia)
Chloe S. Georas (Puerto Rico)
Luis Patron, United Nations University (Mexico)
Elliott Bledsoe, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
James Hoadley (United States)
Leonard Chien (Taiwan)
Krisztina Szeberin, Open Society Institute (Hungary)
Nina Langenberger, University of Bamberg (Germany)
Gautam John, Pratham Books (India)
Rebecca MacKinnon, University of Hong Kong, Journalism & Media Studies Ctr. (Hong Kong)
Stacy Kluge, Georgia Southern University (United States)
Michel Labour, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis (France)
Wendy McGrath (United States)
Farouk Pandor, Botswana College of Education (Botswana)
Barbara Willis (South Africa)
Jonah Bossewitch, Columbia University (United States)
Angela Rabuck, Rice University (United States)
Sameer Verma, San Francisco State University (United States)
Katherine Sterling, Windsor Unified School District (United States)
Anne Oestergaard, (Denmark)
Thomas Reynolds, National Unversity (United States)
Joao Xavier, SENAI (Brazil)
Robert Mckay, Bridge House College (South Africa)
James Keevy, South African Qualifications Authority (South Africa)
Marek Małolepszy (Poland)
Gentil Gonçales Filho (Brazil)
Hilary Reynolds, UKZN (South Africa)
Shahida Cassim, University of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa)
Fabio C. B. de Abreu-e-Lima, UNESP Sao Paulo State University (Brazil)
Meike Wernicke-Heinrichs, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Yvonne Dawydiak, SSD#36; University of British Columbia (Canada)
Andrew Wilkins (Canada)
Carsten Möhring (Germany)
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